MERGE - Cryptocurrency Exchange Launched


Today The Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange MERGE Launches. MERGE Promises low fee trading with multiple new features.

The long awaited exchange "MERGE", is finnaly Launched and open for trading. The exchange is created by the Droplet coin team, and it offers pairings between: BTC-ALTS, ETH-ALTS, ZENCASH-ALTS and DPT-ALTS. MERGE will be the first exchange decentralized exchange offering multiple pairings. The exchange fees will go to the so called "Lucky pot", which is a concept MERGE exchange brings to life. The "Lucky pot" concept is that all trading fees goes to a Reward pot called the "Lucky pot", and each week there are 10 winners ho recieve the lucky pot which contains a large variety of coins & tokens. Winners of the "Lucky pot" are randomly picked from the users on the exchange, to have a chance to win you need to hold at least 1 MERGE token. The MERGE tokens are not used up or anything but there is a limited amount of 50 Million Merge coins to ever exist, and a circulating supply of 10 Million when the token is launched.